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Feel free to use photos from this blog, but if you do, please put a ©Siobhan McNamara closeby. If you do this, good karma will surely drift your way.
If you want to use my photos for a publication/website from which you will receive private profit, please contact me for permission at - if you do not, bad karma will drift your way.

My photos have been published in The Irish Times, used for private websites and have been used in presentations and various bird reports.

None of my photos are edited in photoshop (as you can probabaly tell!!). I am crop happy though and most my images are cropped in camera. I'll also sometimes add d-lighting, again in the camera settings, this is the only work I know how to do on my photos.
At some point I'll learn photoshop, but actually I'm happy enough not spending that extra time at the computer.

Here are some of my own favourite shots:

Nest Building. Long tailed tit © Siobhan McNamara

Tree Creeper camo. © Siobhan McNamara

Postcard from Ireland. The Great Sugarloaf, Wicklow. © Siobhan McNamara

Turnstone, Greystones, Wicklow © Siobhan McNamara
Water Rail, UCD campus 300m away from the N11, Dublin © Siobhan McNamara

Long tailed tit, UCD campus, Dublin © Siobhan McNamara

Red Kite, Yorkshire Oct 2011 © Siobhan McNamara

Ever wondered where your toothpaste comes from? Redkite poo! © Siobhan McNamara

Standing Tall - Wheatear, Kilcoole, Co.Wicklow © Siobhan McNamara

Jackdaw, Portmarnock, Co.Dublin © Siobhan McNamara
Greater Black Backed Gull, Bullock Harbour, Dublin © Siobhan McNamara
Yellow. Adult Herring Gull, Bray Harbour, Wicklow © Siobhan McNamara

Jay, Yorkshire. © Siobhan McNamara
Female Blackbird, Knockin Knees. © Siobhan McNamara
Cock Sure. © Siobhan McNamara
Redkite, Yorkshire countryside. © Siobhan McNamara
Redkite, Yorkshire. Doug Simpson from Yorkshire Redkites asked if he could use some of my Redkite photos for presentations he gives, obviously I said yes... © Siobhan McNamara
Even Cormorants have difficulty with Bar tailed or Blacktailed Godwit? Bull Island, Dublin. © Siobhan McNamara
Rooks, Drimnagh, Dublin. © Siobhan McNamara
Curlew, Bull Island, Dublin © Siobhan McNamara

Skylark, Kilcoole © Siobhan McNamara
Meadow Pipit, Kilcoole, Co.Wicklow © Siobhan McNamara
In one of the worst winters in years - an absolutely starving Fieldfare feeding until last light, my garden, Drimnagh, Jan 2010 © Siobhan McNamara
Songthrush in evening sun, Cooley Road, Drimnagh. No photoshop, no alteration - natural red glow. © Siobhan McNamara
This photo was printed in The Irish Times for a piece Eanna ní Lamhna
was writing on nature in a urban environment. © Siobhan McNamara
Brent Geese, Crumlin, Dublin 12 © Siobhan McNamara
Cow on fire, Wharfedale, Yorkshire © Siobhan McNamara